Suburra 1930 Cucina e Liquori, Restaurant and Cocktail Bar, is located in the heart of the Monti district.
Its unique location is enriched by a 1930s atmosphere, a menu of a thousand nuances which varies according to the seasonality of ingredients and exclusive cocktails. These are all characteristics contributing to the uniqueness of Suburra 1930, a place which is sought-after and familiar at the same time.

Its two floors, with a cocktail bar and an open kitchen, host dark nuances blending with bright colors, marbles, and shadows playing with gold inserts. Its outside area offers a delightful and cozy terrace overlooking Suburra’s Square, the oldest square in Rome .

The fanciful and original selection menu ranges from the most exquisitely traditional Roman dishes to the incursions of spicy aromas and flavors from around the world. This is coupled with fried, raw and marinated meat, fish and vegetables, five variations of cod and a wide offer of street food, ideal to be shared with friends or to be teased while strolling through the picturesque alleys of the district.

Ideal for both a romantic and a business dinner, as well as for a night out with friends, Suburra 1930 is highly appreciated for the high-quality food and the freshness of its ingredients.

As two sides of the same coin, the menu is accompanied by our list of wines with a variegate selection of well-known products, either bottles or glasses, and by our signature cocktails prepared by Suburra 1930’ bartenders, ideal to accompany your dishes or to sip during a happy hour or after dinner.