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All you need to know about the 2024 edition of the gay pride parade in Rome.

On Saturday June 15, the Capital of Italy will fill-up with colors for the celebration of a Pride that promises to be huge, with a political manifesto full of claims and pride. Discover the route, the appointments, the guests and many other curiosities of this edition.

Rome gay pride – the route

Rome celebrates 30 years of Roma Pride, 30 years of struggle for fundamental civil rights: the LGBTQ+ event in Rome embraces all struggles and promotes an ideal of inclusive, modern and liberal society. 

The parade of the gay pride will start at 15,00 from Piazza della Repubblica, will descend through Via Cavour, Via Merulana, Via Labicana, along Piazza del Colosseo and will reach Piazza di Porta Capena and Via delle Terme di Caracalla, where the final speeches will be held on the stage of the Pride Croisette.

Gay Pride in Rome – all the events

Where and when will the LGBTQ+ community meet? The Pride Croisette has begun on 1 June at the Terme di Caracalla with the participation of the famous singer Patty Pravo and the Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri; the pride is going on every day from 18.00 to 2.00 at night, until 15th June, with over 70 events.



On Saturday 15th June 2024 The Gay Pride in Rome will show an impressive parade of colorful floats, DJs and dancers, which will kick off from Piazza della Repubblica and will hit  Piazza Venezia and the Roman Forum, passing through world famous monuments, including the Coliseum, only a stone’s throw from Suburra 1930, our  Restaurant and Bar in the Monti area where you can take a break during or after the long walk.

The official after party of the pride of Rome is hosted by the international rock festival “Rock in Rome”, a “Queer Woodstock” with more than 50 different artists. Event will take place at the Capannelle Hippodrome, an outdoor concert arena, only 30 minutes away from the gay bars near the Coliseum.

Guests of Roma Pride

Other protagonists of these two weeks celebrations are Vladimir Luxuria, Syria, Serena Bortone, Fabio Canino, Valentina Persia and also political leaders such as Elly Schlein, Riccardo Magi and Nicola Fratoianni. There will also be the most important clubbing organizations such as  Muccassassina, Poppe, Latte Fresco, Alterego, Kalispera, Staycalma and many others, so that dancing can go on until late at night.

The godmother of the Pride parade in Rome

Annalisa is the godmother of the LGBTQ+ 2024 pride in Rome. 

After Elodie in 2022 and Paola and Chiara in 2023, it will be up to Annalisa to be the godmother of Roma Pride 2024. The Ligurian singer will be present at the Grand Parade of the Capital on Saturday 15th. Her song “Sinceramente“, which ranked in 4th position at the last Sanremo Festival, will be the anthem of the event.

Mario Colamarino, spokesman for Roma Pride, says that her contribution to equal rights will give an important boost to the LGBTQ+ event in Rome. 

“I am honored to be able to contribute to this important day. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Roma Pride will be a unique opportunity to draw attention on the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. So thank you so much for this invitation that excites me and fills me with pride like few things in the world,” said Annalisa. 

Art and Pride 

The official poster of Roma Pride is simply beautiful. Created by Santiago Oliveros, Colombian artist and illustrator who works under the pseudonym of “SakoAsko“, the poster will be visible throughout the entire city. The colors of Pride are the colors of rainbow, spring and peace.

Where to eat near the Gay Pride Festival in Rome

If you are looking for a Restaurant in the centre of Rome to celebrate this event, Suburra 1930 is that place.
Is the restaurant near the Coliseum that supports civil rights.
Is the best cocktail bar in Monti district stands in favor of the Gay Pride, for a more just and fair society.
In summary come and see us at Suburra 1930 for drinks or lunch otherwise for aperitif and also for dinner to celebrate this day together.

Book your table now and enjoy your pride!

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