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The 2024 European Football Championship is back: find out where to see the finals in Rome.

The feverish wait for the European Football Championship 2024 is growing; fans from all countries are looking for the best venues to see the matches of the tournament and enjoy the big show of the European Championship. In Rome there are many places where you can see the matches.

Where does it take place?

2024 European Football Championship is held in Germany. The matches will be played in various German cities. Matches of Italy are broadcast on the main television channels, and some will be available in streaming. The European Football Championship includes 24 national teams, divided in 6 groups stages of 4. The first 2 of each group will move on to the next round and the tournament will culminate in the final in Berlin on 14th July. UEFA European championship is held every four years and is one of the most exciting and popular events on the world football scene.  

Championship final Spain-England: all you need to know

After beating their respective adversaries in the semi-finals, Spain and England are ready for the final match of Euro 24 scheduled on July 14 in Berlin.
The two national teams will compete on Sunday 14th July to win the final in Berlin. Match will be arbitrated most likely by the Polish referee Marciniak, who would hit a historic record in his career after arbitrating World Cup and Champions League finals.

Spain made it to its fifth European Championship final after beating France in Munich in the semi-final on Tuesday 9 July. Previously Spain had already won 3 European Football Championships: in 1964, 2008 and 2012.
England instead made it to the final after beating the Netherlands on Wednesday 10 July in Dortmund in the semi-final.
The team coached by Gareth Southgate aims to win its first European Championship title. So as not to remain the only national football team that has never won the Continental Championship, among those promoted world champions.

Where to whatch Spain-England in Rome

Like all other matches, the Spain-England final will be visible on Sky channels and streaming on NowTV and Sky Go; also on Rai (Rai 1 and Rai 2) and streaming on RaiPlay.

If you can’t reach the Berlin Stadiums, and you are looking for a place in the center of Rome where you can see the Spain-England final match, the best place is Suburra 1930, Restaurant and Cocktail Bar in the Monti district. You will be in good company, with a TV screen tuned to match, in a very pleasant outdoor space

Suburra 1930 is very close to the Coliseum and the Circus Maximus and is the ideal place to see the matches with good food and drinks, and celebrate the victory of the best team. 

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EUROPEAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2024: where the matches will be played 

From Friday 14th June 2024 until the final match on 14th July, Euro 2024 will be followed by millions of people in Europe and around the world.

The 17th edition of the Euro Tournament will last one month and will end at the Olympiastadion in Berlin. For the first time in history, this edition of the championship will take place only 3 years after the previous one: the last European tournament was supposed to happen in 2020 but was postponed to 2021 due to the Covid pandemic.

This 17th edition of the tournament recovers the old traditions: the competition will be hosted by a single country,  Germany and will not include any other countries.

For the third time in a row, the European Football Championship will see the participation of 24 teams (no more 16 as happened until Euro 2016), and will be divided in 6 group stages of four teams each.

EUROPEAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2024: the stadiums involved 

Düsseldorf Arena which has been added to the other nine german stadiums that were used during the World Cup in 2006.

Olympiastadion Berlin will host three group stage matches and the final on 14th July.

Cologne Stadium in Cologne will be the scene of four group stage games and a round of 16.

The BVB Stadion of Dortmund is the home of Borussia.

Frankfurt Arena will host four group stage matches and one round of 16.

Gelsenkirchen Aufschalke Arena is the Shalke 04 stadium that will host 3 matches of the group stages and a round of 16.

Volksparkstadion in Hamburg will see four matches of the groups stage and one of the quarter-finals.

Leipzig Stadium will host three group stage matches and a quarter-final match.

The Munich Football Arena. Here will be played 4 group stage matches, one round of 16 and the second semi-final.


The European championship kicks-off in Munich on 14th June with the opening ceremony, followed by the opening match between Germany and Scotland. 

Italy will take the field for their debut against Albania on 15th June in Dortmund. Then on 20th June against Spain in Gelsenkirchen and on 24th June in Leipzig against Croatia, which will be the final match of group B. The rounds of 16 are scheduled from 29 June to 2 July, the quarter-finals will happen on 5th and 6th July. The two semi-finals will be played on 9th and 10th July, the final on 14th July.

Mascot of Euro 2024

The mascot of the European football championship is a teddy bear. The symbol of the event was elected in a UEFA vote. School children from all over Europe have had a chance to express their preference for the mascot’s name thanks to the Uefa Football in Schools program: Albärt.

Among the names proposed for this mascot, there were also Bärnardo, Bärnheart and Herzi von Bär, all puns on the German word “bear”. Albärt was presented during the friendly match between Germany and Colombia at the aufschalke Arena.

The best EURO 2024 Scorers

The real protagonists are the best European goalscorers, those who brought their teams to the Euro classifications and scored the most goals in 2024. 

They will have the eyes of all fans upon them: Romelu Lukaku, Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappé, Harry Kane, Rasmus Hơjlund, Scott McTominay, Zeki Amdouni, Erling Haaland, Bruno Fernandes.

Where to watch the Europa League Final in Rome?

If you can’t reach the German Stadiums, and you are looking for a place in the center of Rome where you can see the matches, the best place to see the European Championship  is Suburra 1930, Restaurant and Cocktail Bar in the Monti district. You will be in good company, with a TV screen tuned to matches, in a very pleasant outdoor space.
Suburra 1930 is very close to the Coliseum and the Circus Maximus: ideal place to see the matches with good food and drinks.
Especially to celebrate the victories of the best teams. 

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